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Reconnect with yourself & your purpose | Lavii®
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Whether you feel disconnected, out of alignment, stuck, lost, other directed, overwhelmed by life, restless and confused. Or  like you “don’t know who you are anymore” and as if “life is happening to you and not for you”. Chances are, you are in a minor or major life crisis, a crisis of meaning and identity. You lost connection to yourself and your purpose and thus feel you feel all over the place emotionally as well as physically.

So, if you’re looking for more connection, want to feel in control of life and find deep alignment, inner peace and contentment, click below to start jour journey.

I know a thing or two about being lost and stuck in a life crisis

It feels like total overwhelm and being out of control of life.

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...So, most importantly, how can we support you?

Let me introduce RECONNECT.

Have you ever thought “I am not recognizing myself” or have struggle to remember a time when you felt like your ‘old self?

The thing is, we all get lost in life sometimes. The world is ever changing. Adversity strikes on a daily basis, throws us out of alignment and gets us stuck in minor or major life crises. Extreme awareness leads us to wonder if there is more to life than what we experience, yet all the busyness makes us lose touch with ourselves and what really matters. Social demands put pressure and expectations on us trying to force us into a way of existence which makes us feel overwhelmed and other directed. Lack of meaning makes us feel restless, uninspired and unmotivated. We feel like we work against life. Against universal powers. Life feels restricted, hard and like we force things. Yet, we as human beings are designed to resist change on all levels, which is why we feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves and life. 

On the quest for deeper connection and alignment we want to understand life, make changes, look deeper within and get to know ourselves better. We want to find the contentment and inner harmony that helps us create a life in alignment. This workshop has two aims 1) it is all about managing disconnection and mastering life crises, crises of meaning and identity, finding new direction and alignment and creating clarity within yourself and your life so you can finally get out of this rabbit hole of a life crisis that causes you so much negativity. 2) it is about finding yourself, getting to know yourself better, reconnecting with who you really are, improving self-awareness, highlighting emotional intelligence and understanding yourself and others so you can gain new confidence while at the same time learning to deal with change.

Moreover (RE)CONNECT is about making self-discovery a daily practice, and developing strategies that help you to come back to yourself and your path if you get lost again. In more than 6 hours of content, you will learn not only to master your emotional and mental states but also how to go deeper within and learn to connect with your intuition and use that connection to make better life choices, find meaning and create an authentic life. You will also get everyday practices that help you find new meaning and direction whenever necessary as well as a few strategies to kick start your DreamLife Journey.

If you feel like time simply passes you by and as if you have nothing to show for...

...It's time to change

Too often we feel empty, numb, and void of emotions. We feel as if we’re disconnected from our lives and just observing it from the outside. And then we wonder “Oh, I can’t believe this is happening”. Truth is, we create the reality we experience, and if we don’t like what we see, it’s time to change things.

Reconnect with yourself & your purpose | Lavii®

A not from Tara!

Find your Purpose in Life | Reconnect by Lavii®

(RE)CONNECT is for you if you...

..basically, if you're anything like I was when I started on my personal growth journey.
Before I started to (re)connect, I felt

all absolutly lost and unhapppy