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I know a thing or two about being lost and stuck in a life crisis

It feels like total overwhelm and being out of control of life.

You’re plugging in one of the most powerful sources for direction seeking women to reach new levels of higher self-connection.

Imagine this, ...

Have you ever thought “I am not recognizing myself” or have struggle to remember a time when you felt like your ‘old self?

The thing is, we all get lost in life sometimes. The world is ever changing. Adversity strikes on a daily basis, throws us out of alignment and gets us stuck in minor or major life crises. Extreme awareness leads us to wonder if there is more to life than what we experience, yet all the busyness makes us lose touch with ourselves and what really matters. Social demands put pressure and expectations on us trying to force us into a way of existence which makes us feel overwhelmed and other directed. Lack of meaning makes us feel restless, uninspired and unmotivated. We feel like we work against life. Against universal powers. Life feels restricted, hard and like we force things. Yet, we as human beings are designed to resist change on all levels, which is why we feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves and life. 

On the quest for deeper connection and alignment we want to understand life, make changes, look deeper within and get to know ourselves better. We want to find the contentment and inner harmony that helps us create a life in alignment. This workshop has two aims 1) it is all about managing disconnection and mastering life crises, crises of meaning and identity, finding new direction and alignment and creating clarity within yourself and your life so you can finally get out of this rabbit hole of a life crisis that causes you so much negativity. 2) it is about finding yourself, getting to know yourself better, reconnecting with who you really are, improving self-awareness, highlighting emotional intelligence and understanding yourself and others so you can gain new confidence while at the same time learning to deal with change.

Reconnect with yourself & your purpose | Lavii®

This is for you if you …

…basically, if you're anything like I was when I started on my personal growth journey.

(RE)CONNECT is NOT for you if you ...

...if that sounds like you, then the (RE)CONNECT is not the right fit.
Find your Purpose in Life | Reconnect by Lavii®

A not from Tara!

Before I started to (re)connect, I felt

all absolutly lost and unhapppy

My whole life I had moments where I absolutely knew who I was and what I wanted in life. And then I had moments where I was absolutely lost, restless, disconnected and frustrated. It was inevitable and so it happened.

A quarter life crisis. A crisis of meaning and identity.

I had all opportunities in the world, yet I was paralysed by fear and overwhelmed by life. I was so confused. All the years I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted. And now I seemed to have no idea. Months went by without action or reaction. I simply existed, becoming a participant in my life rather than the creator of it.

Sometime in between then and now I had a realisation: I was disconnected from myself.

All the noise, all the change and all the opportunities got me so overwhelmed that I lost touch with who I was and what I was meant to do with my life. I needed to reconnect. I needed to find a way to return to myself and my purpose while at the same time going deeper within and find that new direction and meaning in life. And this was when I started to (RE)CONNECT. A self-discovery journey that lead me to greater connection, more wisdom and on a path to more meaning in life.

But it wasn't easy...

…which is why I created (RE)CONNET.

Self-discovery is a never ending journey. A path we decide to go down to make our lives more meaningful and our souls a bit more happy.

Throughout the years of constantly loosing and finding connection and alignment with myself and finally working through my quarter life crisis, I have developed multiple strategies and tools to make sure I maintain, or regain connection and because I know there is so many people out there who experience the same. So it’d be an honor and privilege to support you on your journey.

A peek into the modules

Creating Space

Creating space is all about giving yourself the time and room to disconnect from what caused you your life crisis.

Dealing with your Emotions

The first step of reconnecting is to learn to manage your emotions and state of mind.

Reconnecting with your Self

The second step is reconnecting with your Self, your higher self and internal power.

Reconnecting with your Vision

The third step is all about finding and connecting to your purpose and vision for life.

Getting in Tune

Once we have reconnected we need to get in tune with ourselves and the universe to regain that sync and alignment.

Changing Thoughts and control Habits

To ensure everyday connection it is important to learn to control your thoughts and change habits that don’t serve you anymore.

Creating Structure and Flow

Before we move into the last segment we need to create structure and flow, which means organize ourselves and life and set goals.

Everyday Connection

Lastly, it is time to learn everyday practices and habits that help you maintain and regain connection whenever necessary.

Your Gains!

Reconnect with your higher self | inner work | online course on energy work | lavii

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What people wanna know...

Unfortunately we can’t give a refund on digital products.

The course is structured in 10 modules each module is worth 40-60 minutes of video content + exercises. It is up to you how long you take to complete each exercises and how fast you want to do the course.

We have an amazing Q and A section in the course where everyone can contribute and you have unlimited email access to me as well.

Yes you can retake the course any time you’d like.

The course consists of educational content as well as meditations, affirmations, journaling exercises and some more goal setting and brainstorming pieces.

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